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Our partners

Kindergesichter Namibia e.V.

Who: Jana, Mona, March, Viki, Sonja

What: a small, social project that still wants to grow and was launched to support the village of Okondjatu (Namibia).

Why: because in Okondjatu you can do a lot with little things and we couldn't let go of our trip to this village. How: in close consultation with the village pastor, we are able to always help where help is needed. Thanks to a fixed donation group, we are able to regularly support projects financially or get involved ourselves when we are on site. Be it financing a solar pump to irrigate the fields, building a new roof for the kindergarten or supporting the training of individual villagers. The biggest project to date, however, is our HOPE-SPOT. Two expanded containers in which a youth center with tutoring and leisure activities for young people is being built. From the summer of 2023, we will be able to send students to the village for short-term internships through the BLLV (Bavarian Teachers' Association), who will supervise our projects on site.

Little House of Hope

The Little House of Hope Foundation was established in 2007 as a private initiative with the aim of improving the difficult living conditions of children in the townships and giving them better prospects through systematic support for their pre-school and school development. Since 2014, Little House of Hope has been running a kindergarten, a preschool and a primary school after-school care center in the middle of Mondesa Township in the coastal town of Swakopmund. With this unique project, we offer children from the extremely problematic environment there a place where they can learn and develop carefree. Our kindergarten and preschool program currently looks after 125 children in the mornings and around 80 children in the afternoons. Of these, 80 children attend school classes 1 to 3 and are further supported by an accompanying program from Little House of Hope. Our experience shows that Namibia and its society can only be further developed and led into a better future through a targeted educational support approach. Your donation will help us to achieve this goal.


Zecplus is a renowned brand in the nutritional supplement sector, specializing in high-quality products for fitness enthusiasts and the health-conscious. With a clear focus on quality and effectiveness, Zecplus offers a diverse range of supplements that cover the individual needs of different target groups. From protein powders and amino acids to vitamins and minerals, the range offers everything needed for a balanced diet and effective training. Zecplus products are manufactured under strict quality standards and are subject to regular controls to ensure maximum purity and safety. By using high-quality ingredients and innovative formulations, Zecplus supports its customers in achieving their fitness goals and leading a healthy, active life. Discover the world of Zecplus and optimize your nutrition for maximum performance and well-being

Trikot für die Welt e.V.

Jersey for the World is an independent network that connects jersey donors with travelers and charities around the world. We now have over 30 volunteer supporters who believe that football connects worlds. That's why we collect fan jerseys and jersey sets and distribute them to regions of the world where they are in action every day and make those who wear them proud football superstars. Since the beginning of our work, we have been able to support numerous projects in over 20 countries around the world with jerseys, shoes, bibs, balls and other sports equipment. We have been a registered non-profit association since 2021 and are always looking for great donations and projects that we can support with these donations. Get in touch with us if you would like to support us, you know organizations that could use equipment or you can imagine taking donated jerseys with you on your next trip. Share Hope, Happiness and your Jersey.

Sozial-Werk Winterstein gGmbH

Sozial-Werk Winterstein gGmbH is a recognized, private and non-profit provider of child and youth welfare services and operates residential groups in the Brandenburg region. We deliberately focus on a natural and unstimulating rural environment and experiential education close to nature so that affected children from urban centers can find peace and develop new perspectives outside their social environment. We offer places worth living in, a protected space, learning therapy and trauma education concepts and support children and young people in their growth and healing process until they become independent. Our therapeutic and educational approach is based on the principles of Dr. Yecheskiel Cohen, who summarized his decades of experience as a psychoanalyst and director of children's homes for traumatized children in Israel in the following sentence: "The children's home is the place of life and therapy where the child is given the space and time to develop his or her childlike self.


eyetoeye is a consultancy based in Frankfurt am Main that specializes in communications consulting for companies in the financial and consulting sectors. The founder and owner, Kathrin Lochmüller, has more than 25 years of experience in corporate communications, knows the financial markets and players and knows what is important for the successful positioning of a company and the placement of topics and products with the relevant target groups. eyetoeye provides strategic advice and then consistently implements the concepts. The basis is always a sound analysis of the initial situation and the respective market environment. On this basis, the consultancy develops a convincing, innovative communication strategy for its clients.At the same time, consulting remains a "matter for the boss": from the first meeting to the quality control of the individual measures, "eyetoeye" consulting remains in the hands of Kathrin Lochmüller.

Verein Bildung und Erziehung in Afrika e.V.

We are a small association in Ulm in Germany and have been supporting disadvantaged and disabled children and young people in Namibia for almost 20 years. Our aim is to support the children through everyday help in education and training so that they can learn to lead an independent and self-determined life.

Dr. Markus Fisseler Rechtsanwalt

Markus Fisseler is a Rechtsanwalt/attorney at law in Munich. Markus has spent almost all his professional life with international legal firms, focusing on mergers & acquisitions, financing and the structuring of investments, insolvency issues and the like. Since 2015, after 20 years as a Freshfields partner, he became a sole legal practitioner, advising on many issues of legal interest, mainly litigation. Markus also became an investor in  start-up operations, and spends money on a number of non profit organizations, helping the  disadvantaged in Germany, the Ukraine and Afrika. Markus became engaged with Dein Ball für Namibia in 2023, and supports it as he can.

Sabine Blindow Schule Hannover

What makes our school – the Sabine Blindow Schools Hanover – particularly attractive is the family atmosphere and the good cooperation. As headmasters and family businesses, we take individual care of each individual and ensure a good school atmosphere. The school was founded in 1984 by Dr. Kurt Blindow founded and in 1989 by his grandson Dipl.-Kfr. Sabine Blindow took over. The school can draw on over 40 years of experience in training. We have a long tradition of “technical assistant” training in the natural sciences in the areas of pharmacy (PTA), biology (BTA), chemistry (CTA), environmental protection technology (UTA) and computer science (ITA). Good organization of the training, high-quality equipment and, above all, a competent team of dozens with teaching experience ensure a positive learning atmosphere. Every visitor to the school feels this special atmosphere and the friendly tone in the house. We have been offering high school graduate training with worldwide internships at home and abroad in the areas of sports & events, tourism & events and tourism – wellness & health since 2009. We are very proud and very happy that we are able to train such great students like “Coach Tony”.

As a support association for children with cancer Karlsruhe e.V., we are a non-profit association that is committed to children and young people with cancer in the Karlsruhe region. Since cancer and its treatment lead to enormous stress for the affected families, which is difficult for a family to cope with alone, we have made it our mission to provide psychological and social help and to provide aftercare for the affected families. We finance ourselves exclusively from donations and our entire board works on a voluntary basis. We run a parental home that is available to affected families free of charge during the period of inpatient treatment. We also built the Robber's Castle on the clinical grounds of the Karlsruhe Municipal Hospital and offer free care there for the siblings and patients' children of all patients, relatives and visitors to the Municipal Hospital. We also hold regular meetings to exchange experiences and, in individual cases, also provide financial assistance.


Stadion Groundhopping

My name is Daniel, I'm from Saarbrücken and I've been running my website

"Stadion-Groundhopping" since 2012. In addition to a Facebook and Instagram page, I've also been active as a podcaster in the "Football was my first love" app since April 2020. I am a passionate soccer fan, a supporter of 1. FC Saarbrücken, very keen to travel and collect country points, stadiums and sports grounds all over the world. I have also been a member and official partner of DBFN since 2023. I am happy to welcome more supporters of my annual pledge campaign in favor of "Your ball for Namibia", which always takes place in January every year.

Lions Club Mainz

We Mainz Lions are part of the international Lions organization of almost 50,000 clubs worldwide and almost 1.5 million members.
The worldwide motto of this organization is:
"We serve!" - We serve!
It is an expression of the willingness of us Lions to help people in need wherever we are, to contribute to the cultural development of society and to promote understanding between peoples.
We are particularly interested in social projects to support people in difficult social situations, especially women, children and the elderly. But we also take care of cultural tasks.
Our activities always have two sides:
Fundraising: Experience has shown that money is very helpful in doing good. That is why we Lions organize various events to raise these funds: e.g. book bazaars, Advent calendar sales, social and cultural events (e.g. our "Impressions" concert series), sporting events, etc.
Lions members meet regularly for club evenings with presentations and discussions.


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